Bill Myers
Author of Child's Play

Jamie Lisea is a treasure.  I highly recommend her book for two reasons.  First, it will pierce your heart and help you touch thoughts and emotions you may have missed or avoided.  Second, is because these words are penned by a woman who has lived her faith courageously and relationally for a number of years.  Her wisdom is real and hard earned.  Trust her.  In these stories, she has captured not only scriptural truths but she has brought them to life in a beautiful way.  Do yourself a favor.  Read this book. 

Barton Tarman
International speaker, Minister-at-large for the Presbyterian Church,  
former Chaplain of Westmont College
Ann Shackelton
Young Life Senior Vice President, and Marriage and Family Therapist

Frederick Dale Bruner

Author of commentaries on the Gospels of Matthew and John, and of A Theology of the Holy Spirit

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What would the gospel story look like if it happened in our time?  Now we know.  In Jamie Lisea's re-imagining, the old story becomes fresh and new.  She has an uncanny gift for getting inside the heart of the prodigal son, the rich young ruler, and the woman at the well.  As we follow her retelling of their encounters with Jesus in terms of our present time, we suddenly find that we are in the presence of Jesus, just as they were.

Jamie Lisea has beautifully touched the ‘universal ache’ which all of us have - deep down in our gut, and she has sensitively addressed its depth . . . its loneliness . . .and its potential healing.  These are great stories.  It made me realize again why the Greatest Teacher in History both told and was a part of so many stories like these.
Jamie Lisea has the modern gift of story telling--from very contemporary “business-talk” in high-rise downtown to “down-home” Latino family-talk on the other side of town, and real human living places in between. I warmly recommend her book!
Jamie Lisea captures the heart of Jesus' stories, and combines it with the realism of contemporary culture. Her writing draws you in with just the right amount of description and emotion to trigger your biblical memory, and connect to where you are.
Dr. Larry Anderson
Senior Pastor, North Bible Church
A brave writer presenting contemporary images of Jesus, Jamie Lisea has a gift for asking compelling
questions that arise from the interactions with Jesus made live for us today in our world. These stories make you willing to ask, “What if I were there today? What would my response to Jesus be amidst that kind of intensity?” Her writing touches our areas of vulnerability and helps us land in a fresh place of courageous belief.
Jesus told and lived stories in the first century.  Each of us is living a story in the 21st century.  These stories by Jamie Lisea connect our stories with the Jesus story in terms that are creative, passionate, and often earthily raw.  The Jesus that is so real and alive to her becomes real and alive to us in these marvelously told stories . . . and nothing is more important.    
Dr. G. Walter Hansen
Author of Abraham in Galatians, Galatians (IVP Commentary Series), and The Letter to the Philippians
Laurie Polich Short
Speaker, author, associate pastor
Few things make Bible truths come alive like putting them in modern day settings. Jamie Lisea has done just that as she retells Jesus' encounter with the rich young ruler, the woman at the well, and His own parable of the lost son.
Howard Baker
Assistant Professor of Christian Formation, Denver Seminary
Author of Soul Keeping:  Ancient Paths of Spiritual Direction