When love and freedom enter a story, the opportunity for tremendous change begins. The stories of Jesus are full of these opportunities, and are as relevant today as when they first happened centuries ago. 
However . . .
To many of us, they don’t feel that way.  They seem archaic.  The language seems confusing.  Sometimes the lessons and values can feel too narrow, confining, or outdated.  Or, we’ve heard them so many times that we tune them out.  And sometimes they’re just not all that interesting to us. 
But . . .
What if we could pull these encounters forward into our life now? 
Jesus said that all things are possible.  The following stories speak to this hope and the belief that if Jesus were with us today, the meaningful moments between him and others would be as powerful as they were originally.  He would get our attention.  We would notice something different.
This is the hope of this book:  By bringing one story Jesus told and two encounters Jesus had with people into the modern day, the characters, settings, and language can give us a fresh place from which to wonder and engage, and possibly even to experience love and freedom at a depth we’ve not yet experienced before.
Could there be more for us in these stories?  This is a possibility worth wondering about.

Love and Freedom

Whether we’ve learned about him because we’re amused, or see him as one of many good spiritual teachers, or believe him to be God, we share in common that Jesus has held our attention for thousands of years.  In addition to the lessons he taught, perhaps just as beloved are his stories and his interactions with people.  They’re wonderful and amazing stories of love and freedom.     Love and freedom: Aren’t these spectacular words?